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The Animal Kingdom is a rock n’ roll ride through the psychedelic side of nature, to find man’s place in it.  Our compositions are inspired by the spirits of rock n’ roll, blues, and jazz as well as the personal journeys, both worldly and spiritual, of each member of the band.  We believe that music is a way to liberate the soul, and we deliver this energy to our audiences as they dance, groove, grind and clap to the sounds and the feelings they tug at within us.  More than a demonstration of our musicality; more than a testament to our love for music or our belief in the power of it, The Animal Kingdom is also a reflection on what it means to live in a competitive, secular, society which promotes individualism and favors a purely scientific interpretation of reality; as such, The Animal Kingdom is an attempt to preserve that which science and contemporary cultures seem to want to deny us: soul, wilderness, and a place to commune, be who we are, and love to our hearts content.

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